Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does service cost per hour?
    The cost of service from Action Limousine varies greatly depending on factors including:
    -Amount of Hours (Cost per hour goes down as more hours are added)
    -Distance from Salem (Initial cost goes down the closer the limo stays to Salem)
    -Price also varies depending on the vehicle you would like to use (Discounts for using one of our S-Type Jaguar Town Cars!)

  • What vehicles do you have?
    We have two beautiful late model Chrysler 300s super-stretch limousines. We also have a Jaguar and a Ford Excursion.

  • How many passengers can your limousines hold?
    Different vehicles can hold a different amount of passengers. Our Chrysler 300s models hold 8-9 adult passengers comfortably. Our largest vehicle, the Ford Excursion, holds fourteen passengers and has a spacious VIP section in the back.

  • Why is Action Limousine the best choice of limo service compared to other companies?
    Action Limousine has newer style limousines that are very nice. Our staff cleans every limousine after every run to ensure maximum content of our customers.

  • Why rent a limousine?
    A limousine is necessary to make a special occasion the best it can be. Often times groups or couples will want a comfortable ride in style to their destination, especially if they just finished a flight or have an event they want to remember for the rest of their lives. And besides, IT'S FUN!

  • What are the alcohol and smoking policies in the limousines?
    Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in the limousine. No alcohol will be provided by the company. Nobody under the age of 21 may consume any alcoholic beverages in the limousine. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the limousine. Any violations of these may result in fines and/or immediate termination of service.

  • Is there any minimum amount of hours I must rent the limousine for?
    Yes. There is a three hour minimum. Exceptions can be made for certain point A to point B trips, but there will be an additional fee added.